Collection: Portela


Portela, a distinguished Portuguese coffee brand, has been crafting exceptional coffee experiences since 1977. Founded by Ângelo Marçal upon his return from Angola, Portela began as Casa dos Cafés Portela, a humble establishment with a small machine and a few clay cups for serving coffee.

Over the years, Portela has expanded its offerings to include coffee accessories, pastries, chocolates, teas, and light meals, while also opening new stores throughout the Lisbon region. Today, Portela invites you to step through its “small door” (the meaning of ‘Portela’ in Portuguese) and immerse yourself in a world of diverse origins, roasting styles, and grindings.

At its core, Portela remains true to its genesis - the specialty of coffee. Yet it also embraces new aromas, flavors, and details that continually reignite our passion for coffee. Every cup of Portela coffee is a testament to our enduring love for this timeless beverage and our commitment to sharing the unique flavors of Portugal with the world.