Collection: Sir Tile

Certainly! Let me rephrase the company description for Sir Tile:

Our Story: Preserving Culture Through Socks and Tiles

In 2009, the idea of transforming traditional Portuguese tiles into a design product took root. As locals who had always lived in the city center, we witnessed the gradual disappearance of these beautiful tiles due to modern urban trends. Driven by a desire to preserve their cultural identity, we embarked on a mission to ensure that these intricate patterns would outlive their original creators.

Our journey took an unexpected turn during our work at a family-owned business—a socks company. By 2014, Oporto had rightfully earned its place as a sought-after tourist destination. Tourists flocked to the downtown area, including our family’s retail store, drawn by our unique socks.

Inspired by this context, we launched an innovative sales campaign. Our socks became souvenirs proudly labeled “Made in Portugal,” emphasizing local craftsmanship without directly referencing tiles. Our shop window display featured a suitcase overflowing with socks, surrounded by postcards in various languages—a tribute to the beauty of our town.

The success of this pilot project, combined with our deep roots in the local textile industry, fueled our vision. Sir Tile was born—an eclectic socks brand with a modern aesthetic, celebrating cultural identity. Our beloved tiles now serve as a vehicle for promoting our city to curious travellers.