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Colmo Scented Candle Intense

Colmo Scented Candle Intense

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Colmo Scented Candle Intense

Uplift the mood with the warmth of ripened Figs, blended with juicy Cassis and the purity of Pine and Cedarwood.

This luxury and fragrance is a pleasure in the air and fills any room with the warmth of the mediterranean.

Memorice candles are made from natural soy wax and natural fragrance oils. They have a natural wooden wick to provide the perfect melt pool which ensures minimal wastage around the edge of the vessel.

An intense fall collection to keep your Comporta memories alive!


  • Hand poured in the Portugal
  • Burn time approx. 45 hours
  • 7.0 OZ . 200GR
  • Vegan friendly
  • Paraffin and phthalate free

OFFER: Includes a Memorice reusable organic cotton bag.

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Memorice Midi clutch collection

Meet the Maker

MEMORICE means “collecting memories in the land of rice” since all collections are inspired by Comporta features, the place where the brand is developed: the endless beaches, unique lavender backyards with a distinct essence, the late afternoon cocktails.

By focusing on using mainly organic and recycled materials, manual techniques as opposed to industrial or massive production, MEMORICE promotes local economic and social development, while also spreading the best quality work that is done in Comporta.

MEMORICE collections are composed by collections FOR YOU and FOR HOME. 

Be aware that our products are handcrafted and each collections is unique and therefore available only in limited edition.

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