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Porto - Travels and Stories

Porto - Travels and Stories

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Porto - Travels and Stories (multi language)

Porto and the North - Travels and Stories - The history of Portugal starts here through forts, roman roads, medieval architecture and stories.

Porto e Norte - Travels and Stories - A Journey through the North of Portugal. A country is born, becomes a nation, grows, gains identity and memories. Portugal was born in the North. History is built in forts, roman roads, medieval churches, ancient manor houses and every stone that remains from the castles.

To travel the North is to say here I felt, here I smiled and here I prayed. It is to say that I let myself be carried away along the paths of memory and would have liked to stay. In addition to the travels, we have the stories, which are found at the beginning of each chapter.

These are short stories full of emotions and feelings, many of them based on real facts.

Available in the following language editions:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
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