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Round Plate 38cm with Ocean Blue motif

Round Plate 38cm with Ocean Blue motif

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Iberica offers the finest collection of round serving plates. Hand-painted and crafted ceramic, each plate is finished with an Ocean Blue motif.

From the round serving plates to the deep dish dinnerware, each piece in our Blue Ocean ceramic collection is hand-painted with a deep ocean blue motif and crafted from high-quality Iberica terracotta. For a fresh take on traditional kitchen tableware, you can't go wrong with this classic, yet modern collection.

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Xarazarte founder painting ceramic plate In Corval

Meet the Maker

Launched in January 2020, Ollarus represents a new line of more modern and contemporary Portuguese ceramics that reflect a new Portuguese soul mixed with the roots and ancient traditions of the work of molding clay by hand, on a potter's wheel.

The designs are produced by the creative mind of the two founders, Diana and Mafalda, inspired by their own experiences, travels and a family business manufacturing decorative and utilitarian ceramics for over 20 years in he Alentejo.

All products are handcrafted and painted using ancestral techniques and by the experienced hands of local artisans, which reflect the characteristics of a typically Portuguese culture and lifestyle - from the local to the world.

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