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Set of 4 Ceramic Coaster Tiles - Set A

Set of 4 Ceramic Coaster Tiles - Set A

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Set of 4 Ceramic Coaster Tiles

The pattern tiles that are in a significant number of buildings in Lisbon( from the second half of the 19th century) are unique in Portuguese architecture.

  • Hand-painted individually
  • Set of 4 tiles coaster
  • Size square Tile – 10,8 cm x 10,8 cm
  • Backed with 4 mm cork
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Founder of Tiles Passion Isabel Amorim

Meet the Maker

Isabel Amorim is a trained ceramic artist from Lisbon who has trained in the field of ceramics both in Lisbon and Glasgow.

In 2011 she founded her own ceramics studio. Her inspiration is the theme of Portuguese tiles, All tiles are hand painted individually, according to traditional processes and techniques. In addition to tiles with original motifs, Isabel has also designed authentic replicas of heritage tiles.

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